Twenty years of dreams
We are a young brand despite our historic 20 years of life! Our continuous growth in the market, alongside our entrepreneurial experience and Italian origin are unique elements that determine Yamamay’s reliability.
Yamamay is an Italian leader in the production and distribution of underwear, lingerie, sleepwear and beachwear. We are the expression of a cheerful, glamorous and colorful world where attention to detail and product innovation are central elements, particularly as we provide the market with lively and naturally feminine products designed to be worn easily and last forever. We consider ourselves bra specialists and work constantly and carefully to improve the aesthetic, comfort and performance characteristics of our bras.
We create and design in accordance with the principles of eco design thinking, specifically about how important it is for people to use beautiful, functional products with a reduced impact on the environment. In order to truly be transparent to stakeholders, we have decided to voluntarily publish the Sustainability Report starting with the one of 2019. We care about giving the best possible service to ensure an engaging customer experience, intended to establish a strong relationship over time with people, our products, and our world.
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